Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today was Tuesday

Well, we lost our favorite bartender on Sunday...
Dave was given the sack.
Not really sure why...
Although he WAS in tough shape Sunday,
but it must have been more than that.
He is missed and they haven't found a replacement for him.
Must be tough for someone that was so sure of his
competance in the hospitality industry.
(His loyal clientel believes in his competance, too.)
Not a great time to be out of work and I hope he finds something soon.
He should, he's a good man.
Of course, once he does it may require a few "field trips"
to visit him, but most of us regulars don't travel far.

Otherwise, today I installed a show on Newbury St. and stopped in at Gallery NAGA
where they were assembling the furniture that I DIDN'T transport from California.
I arrived just in time to donate some needed muscle, as the pieces were large.

Now it appears that the brake lights on my van aren't working...
changed all the bulbs, tried to check the fuses. No help.
Gotta figure a way to put it in the shop and still get to work.

I'm still just reporting...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


So there wasa problem with the check...
seems they couldn't verify the signature.
I'm hoping that was a Saturday thing and I can make it work on Monday.
Gotta pay Paul, the rent and all else.
Actually, I've got quite a few checks... all drawn on distant banks.
Just can't get the cash when I need it.

So after too much time at the bank it was errands for a bit.
Then on to Lynnet's to outfit a few canvases for hanging...
and she wants me to paint her studio. More work... a good thing.

On to the Plough for some cheerfullness.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rainy Friday

So it was a two hour drive to Cape Cod this morning...
Raining and a miserable drive. I arrived at the appointed place at the appointed hour. Having been given very little information. A half an hour later my contact drove right past me, entered the gated community and then called asking where I was... (I'd already tried to call her). Finally got that sorted and went to work. Fifteen or so small pictures... nothing worth putting a hole in the wall for. I was done in an hour and a half. Driving back the rain got worse and halfway home my windshield wipers stopped. Made for some interesting driving... after about fifteen minutes of driving nearly blind and me trying to get the wipers to work again, they finally came on. The check from the library gig came through, but I was too late to get to the bank. In the morning. Still raing but the wipers seem to be working.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturdays Errands

Let's see...
A few trips downstairs for laundry, typed out a bill, post office, bank and package store. Then we were off to the Farmer's market at Union Square, the grocery store and dry cleaners. Home to put away the loot, then off to Allston. Lunch at a Vietnamese place. Across the street to the thrift store... no sweaters (jumpers) for me... all too big. Sylvia found a couple of items for herself and we bought two cheap chairs for the front porch (since we're not smoking indoors we needed something a bit civilized, but wouldn't matter if it was stolen). Home again, then I'm off to the Plough...
Three artists drawing on beer mats... tales of bicycle thievery, sick kids and junked cars. Closing at 5:30 for a private function (Passim's 65th... but Passim doesn't have a liquor license and they only do vegetarian... Passim started as Club 47 and early on had Joan Baez, Dylan and that sort on the stage). The regulars at the Plough held on until we were literally run out. Actually, I think we all stayed longer than we'd planned, in order to be run out.
Still just reporting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back Again

I guess that I haven't posted in so long that I've forgotten how it works.
But, I seem to be onto something, now. (we'll see if it works)

I guess, to back up a bit... We had a lovely visit from Hazel, Archie and Michael back in August. And aside from their luggage not arriving until a day late, we had a nice time playing tourists. Without Sylvia to help guide, I felt a bit clumsy. But I got them to a classic New England junk shop (the White Elephant in Essex) which they enjoyed... too bad we couldn't have travelled on to an even BIGGER one in Newburyport. But we ran back for Syl who'd been waiting for the luggage.
I took them to the Plough and Stars, but again I was clumsy. I introduced them to all and sundry... our beloved, Dave (the barman) spotted us a round. But I failed to get them involved in the conversation/banter. Granted... there weren't many in the room and HAM are quiet and shy (not regular pub flies)... I should have done better.

Anyway... the goal is to become a little more poetic/creative with my writing (no evidence of it here)... I'm TOO literal. I think it would be better if I play more, rather than simply report.