Sunday, October 30, 2005

Just a Quick Note...

It snowed last night (evidence on Sylvia's Flickr site)... it's all gone now but we got about an inch.
Meanwhile, I'm knocked out with a cold. Didn't even walk over to the pub today (sunny and warm)... let's you know how lousy I feel. Can't remember the last time I stayed in on a Sunday.
Lately, the work has been small jobs and fine tuning previous ones. A bit of hauling other peoples art around and helping the art consultants, as always. A big painting job on the Cape is finally about to happen (we were originally supposed to do this in August, but everyone ahead of us got bogged down)... so, trying to work out the logistics of that.
Anyway... back to the sofa...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Whole Month?

Oh dear... I haven't posted in a month...
Well, as you've read on Sylvia's blog we had a fine holiday in Montreal. Too short of course, we were just getting acclimated when it was time to come home. Two things that I don't think that she mentioned... we had lunch with my ex-wife, Jeanne, in Montpelier, VT on the way up. Collected a camera from her that Rick had left for that purpose... a film camera so that I could take some slides. Nice visit... the women get on well with each other, which is good since I was in driving mode and we still had three hours to go. A nice lunch, by whatever river it is that runs through there. We don't get to see Jeanne often, so it was a treat.
The other thing tat Syl didn't mention was that we saw this guy, on Ste. Catherines Street in Montreal, using a magnifying glass and the sun to burn drawings into wood panels. No pencil lines or anything... just making it up as he concentrated the lens over the panel. I was pretty impressed and am sorry that we didn't ask how much he was selling them for.
So we got home and it was back to work... painting the exterior of a small addition to an house in Acton. Collecting the artwork from a client's former residence and installing it in the new one. Everything from an artist made electric sconce to an eight foot long Indonesian carving. Then I was on the road again to Ithica, NY to pick up a piece of artist made furniture for another client. An unbelievable operating room shop this guy had. Heavy piece, nine drawers in a bench sort of thing... all chip carved in a basket weave sort of pattern and nicely painted with the high bits rubbed down to show a color underneath. It was a seven to eight hour drive out, so I made arrangements to stay with Rick on the way back... twelve hours driving for that day. Rick fed me and we made some music and caught up... staying up WAY too late. Back to Boston the next morning (having spent $160 for petrol) and not being able to contact the client. Went on to another job, picking up and security mounting a few pieces in a new apartment building. Made arrangements to deliver the furniture the next day. Did so... painted on my pictures until it was time to see another friend make music at a pub down the way. Back to meet Rick who was spending the night and it was more music. Rick and I were off to a memorial lunch for an old (dead) friend... where we ran into other (living) old friends.
So... this week started with a drive to Rhode Island to install about fifteen pictures at some corporate location and today it was painting some walls at a gallery on Newbury Street in Boston.
Sorry if I bore...