Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, and I Finally Shipped the Piece

Sylvia and I went out last night for her birthday...
Ruth's Chris Steak House (we had gift certificates)
Wouldn't have been my choice otherwise.
Not a bad experience... way too much food.

Finally got the Parrish print crated up and sent it via the post to Mississippi.
Surprised that it only cost $30, including insurance.
More than I'd anticipated, but the piece will arrive safe.

Yesterday afternoon I was doing a residential installation... the art cosultant
had been telling me for two weeks that it was about a dozen pieces.
Turned out to be over 50 !!!
We installed about half in the time alotted and will go back Friday to finish.
I know these people can never count, but I've never seen one this far off the mark.

Today was an easy pick up at the framers and an easy install at the client's .
About 16 pieces in all. Then on to an EMERGENCY install in Brookline.
This client needed a few things rehung before her holiday on Friday.
Everything worked out fine...
Got the work done... got the crate shipped and had a pint at the Plough.

The checking account is in the black for a minute.


Blogger wastedpapiers said...

Good to hear your hard work paid off Jonathan. Nice that you were able to take Sylvia out for a meal on her birthday.
Hope the work picks up from now on. They say the recession is over and the green shoots of recovery can be seen but tell that to the 2 million plus unemployed in the UK alone (and rising) !

3:40 AM  

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