Thursday, March 17, 2005

Pint, er half ???

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Back Again...

A few weeks since my last blog...
Nothing much to blog about, really.
Well, there was another snow storm a week ago...
when I had to go out on a "presentation" with an art consultant. A little dicey getting to the clients. It kept snowing and I was worried about the trip back. Worst bit was getting out of the driveway... I had to man the shovel a few times. Once we were on the road it was better... just a few skids... The van is rear wheel drive and doesn't perform well in the snow at all. We made it.
Today was an installation at some kind of corporate office... 50 some odd prospectus sheets and annual report covers on one wall... boring as all get out. I made it happen in a couple or three hours. Grids are fairly simple.
St. Patrick's Day... and I avoided the pub. Too crowded and busy for my taste.
Posted a pint (or half) as my celebration.