Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After Thanksgiving

So... Sylvia and I went over to Mickey and Martin's place yesterday for a Thanksgiving dinner.
Good food, good friends... no particular drama, so nothing really to report.
The turkey had recieved some breast implants but on taking it out of the oven
one was rejected. Was a bit crispy, this turkey.
A nice evening... only a small amount of broken glass.
The children behaved better than we're used to.
And today...
Sent an old cutting board to Christine Tarantino... just stamped her address on it.
Started painting a few pieces for the Visual Aids thing.
Tomorrow we'll go visit my Dad, who is not doing well.

Maybe some more info tomorrow.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Prodded On Once Again

Ah yes, neglecting the blog...

Pretty much the same old... (except that it NEVER is)

So, a couple of weeks ago had to go pick up artwork in Great Barrington... about 140 miles away.
Simple trip out, the gallery person gave me lunch and a bit more money than I'd asked for (both good),
Was on the way back... congratulating myself on a smooth trip when I got a flat tire! I was on the MassPike with the big rigs flying by at 70 mph... no way I was going to hang my arse out on the highway to change a tire. I called AAA and found that they can't service the Pike, but they got in touch with the state police and they sent a truck. They had me back on the road shortly and I was able to deliver the artwork to the Boston gallery on time.

Otherwise it's local deliveries and installations and a couple of painting projects.
One of the painting jobs was the better part of two floors at Mickey's house...
had to work around her husband and two girls, all home with the flu.
(Oh yeah, Mickey and I won $150 in the lottery a couple of weeks ago.)

This weekend is supposedly the 40th anniversary of the Plough's opening...
lot's of music acts. Dunno how much of that I can take. I'm sure there will be
a pile of oldtimers stopping in. I'm guessing a madhouse...

I completed a painting for the Newton Art Center benefit (at the last minute, of course).