Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Couple of Days on the Cape...

Michael arrived here Wednesday morning and we put the ladder racks on the van, loaded up a 36' ladder... then discovered that Michael didn't realise that I was planning to stay overnight. He wandered back home to make amends with his girlfriend... something about forgetting her birthday. I headed to the Cape and met Paul at the house... unloaded the van and went to lunch, then to rent a power washer and get some other supplies. Cold and raining, turning into late afternoon, we decided to get things set up to start in the morning. A couple of pints at the pub then back for TV and an early night.
The machine started swell and we had most of the back scrubbed and washed by the time Michael arrived. On to the side when about 3/4 through we ran out of gas... filled it back up but couldn't get the thing going again. Took it apart, put it back together... still no go. Loaded it into the van, returned it (no charge since it crapped out) and found another. This one worked fine accross the front but started to act up around the last side. Stalling out, difficult to start and then running about 20 minutes before it crapped out again. We were cold, wet and tired but determined to finish. Finally got it done and I tried to return the thing so that we could go home. Arrived at the store with a "closed" sign on the door... but the employees just leaving.
"Can I return this power washer?"
"Nah, come back in the morning, we've just turned the alarm on."
The bastards.
Back to the house... the guys had cleaned everything up and we hung out for a bit. Michael headed back, but Paul was staying. Paul was intent on eating some big hunk of meat for supper and I wasn't... I had him drop me at an Irish pub, where they charged me $5.75 for a pint of Guinness !!! Hell, I pay $4 at the Plough and only $5 when I'm in NY... and this is off season!
Anyway, went to bed and got up the next morning... cleaned up after ourselves, returned the rig and headed home. Small job in the afternoon and I stopped in at the Plough.
Today, I did a couple of deliveries in the morning and assisted with a presentation in the afternoon. Tomorrow is an estimate in the morning... then my usual crossword puzzle at the Plough. Monday we head back down to the Cape with a bigger crew, hoping to get this thing done quick.
With a bigger crew there might be better stories...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just Another Pain in the Arse...

Well, I tried enhancing the photo... and got it pretty close to the colors of the painting... but Flicker didn't want to recognize it. Perhaps I can e-mail a better version to anyone that's interested.
All set to send the painting off, when I found that the crate I had was too to get the materials to build a new crate. There's a reason why I'm a painter... The crate is sturdy enough, but rather clumsy. When I got to the shipping place the computers were down... but they got that sorted out in 20 minutes or so. Off it's gone.
Otherwise, I spent the day getting out some bills and finding a ladder rack for my van. To the Cape tomorrow to wash a house and get it ready for painting next week. We don't do many exteriors, so I'm a bit under supplied with equipment. There seem to be enough of them coming up this year to make the investment worthwhile. Good old clients that I can't say "no" to... and if this is what they're asking for we might be able to make some money.
I received a CD or DVD from Steve Random today. Haven't looked at it yet, but there's 186 pages of mail art and performances on it. Haven't heard from him in years and was surprised that he had my current address.
Anyway... look forward to stories from the Cape at weeks end.

Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget

Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And It's Spring...

I'm way behind, once again...
The weather gets better... walked to and from the Plough today in a tee shirt.
Plants in the garden seem to be growing by an inch a day.
After a slow winter, the phone is ringing... "Can you paint my daughters bedroom before she gets back from college?"... "Can you paint my living room in time for my daughter's graduation from high school?"
In the mean time, I'm chasing to get the ladders needed to paint a house on the cape.
Busy, but we need the money... and hopefully I'll make some.
Trying to make more Artist Trading Cards... and get the painting done for Wustum Museum in Racine, Wisconsin (I'll Flickr it before I send it).
Ah, yes... and I tried to get the van inspected for safety... an annual thing, here... and the front end isn't right... glad they caught it... having it fixed tomorrow.
Makes for rearrainging some pick up and deliveries.
Getting some GREAT ATCs... but not hearing that mine have been recieved...
Anyway... later, kids...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

ATC 5[2]

ATC 5[2]
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So, finally after much cursing and screaming, I've set up my Artists Trading Card file. Using Sylvia's computer... mine just wasn't happening. (Thanks for the help, Snap, it was softwear this time... not the usual, "user malfunction") This is good fun and obviously I have to produce a lot more ATCs.
Nothing special has been going on of late. The usual fits and starts of work. No big interesting jobs. We DID see a hawk the other day, perched on a fire escape, outside of an apartment we were painting... that was pretty cool. Kind of waiting for the weather to get better so that we can go to paint a summer home (exterior) on the Cape.
An opening for one of my painting instructors...from back in the old days at MassArt... Just another opening, really.
Getting pretty close to finishing the painting for the Wustum Museum summer show. If I'm real lucky, I won't be shipping it wet.
Sorry to be so dull.