Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today was Tuesday

Well, we lost our favorite bartender on Sunday...
Dave was given the sack.
Not really sure why...
Although he WAS in tough shape Sunday,
but it must have been more than that.
He is missed and they haven't found a replacement for him.
Must be tough for someone that was so sure of his
competance in the hospitality industry.
(His loyal clientel believes in his competance, too.)
Not a great time to be out of work and I hope he finds something soon.
He should, he's a good man.
Of course, once he does it may require a few "field trips"
to visit him, but most of us regulars don't travel far.

Otherwise, today I installed a show on Newbury St. and stopped in at Gallery NAGA
where they were assembling the furniture that I DIDN'T transport from California.
I arrived just in time to donate some needed muscle, as the pieces were large.

Now it appears that the brake lights on my van aren't working...
changed all the bulbs, tried to check the fuses. No help.
Gotta figure a way to put it in the shop and still get to work.

I'm still just reporting...


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