Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Past Couple of Days

I just returned from Sally O'Brien's in Union Sq., Somerville.
Reverb Joe's band was playing a tribute to him (Joe passed away in early August).
Sounded good, with Joe's son Jake doing most of what Joe used to do.
Good crowd, most of them I know from the Plough. I always had hoped that I
could get Big Al Davies over here to meet Joe... they would have got along famously,
each of them being terrific stringed instrument players.

Earlier in the day Sylvia and I went up to Gloucester and had a ramble. (I'm sure there's a
few pics on her Flickr site) It started with a rather underwhelming lunch... but the walk was nice.

Let's see... Thursday I took some artwork to Waltham, some sort of pharmaceutical offices.
I was supposed to be supervising the installation (union rules or insurance wasn't allowing me to do
the actual work). But the building was still in construction mode, so the artwork wasn't going
up that day. With about 5 hours to kill, I called Mickey and suggested lunch. She balked at first but in the end she treated me to a couple of beers and a shared sandwich at the Plough. On to the next job, a presentation of artwork in a posh condo downtown. Worked until 8:30 pm... picking up the work, delivering it to the site, unwrapping it, showing it, wrapping it back up and taking it back to the art consultant's place. (she did sell pieces for 4 walls)

On Friday I was trying to get Michael to come look at the carpentry for a job we're supposed to
start soon, but I couldn't get in touch with him. Took a proposal to the client and again spent the downtime at the Plough, doing the puzzles. That's where I saw Spider John... he seemed to take more time with the "Cryptoqute" (even saw him using an eraser... I work in pen) but he beat me by a word in the crossword.

Enough. A walk to th Plough in the morning for the usuall.


Blogger wastedpapiers said...

Hi Jonathan. Have you been able to make comments on my blog atall - I changed the settings hoping that would help?
Good you are getting the work still and finding time to relax in between.
A quiet day at home here. Just made a collage for scrapiteria and put it up on Flickr too. Hazel's giving Audrey a lift to the hospital for a blood test. Archie is at college doing Chemistry and General Studies today . he seems to be settling in o.k. despite all the homework he gets now!

5:54 AM  

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