Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just Another Pain in the Arse...

Well, I tried enhancing the photo... and got it pretty close to the colors of the painting... but Flicker didn't want to recognize it. Perhaps I can e-mail a better version to anyone that's interested.
All set to send the painting off, when I found that the crate I had was too small...off to get the materials to build a new crate. There's a reason why I'm a painter... The crate is sturdy enough, but rather clumsy. When I got to the shipping place the computers were down... but they got that sorted out in 20 minutes or so. Off it's gone.
Otherwise, I spent the day getting out some bills and finding a ladder rack for my van. To the Cape tomorrow to wash a house and get it ready for painting next week. We don't do many exteriors, so I'm a bit under supplied with equipment. There seem to be enough of them coming up this year to make the investment worthwhile. Good old clients that I can't say "no" to... and if this is what they're asking for we might be able to make some money.
I received a CD or DVD from Steve Random today. Haven't looked at it yet, but there's 186 pages of mail art and performances on it. Haven't heard from him in years and was surprised that he had my current address.
Anyway... look forward to stories from the Cape at weeks end.


Blogger michael said...

Steve random eh? another blast from the past. I used to collaborate with him in the 80's but I assumed he'd dropped out off the mail art network as I havent heard from him for years.
I hate packaging up artwork to send through the post too. It always goes horribly wrong! I hope you have more luck with your crate!

3:02 AM  

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