Thursday, October 07, 2004

We've Got a Plan...

Normal day painting... nothing to tell.
The plan is, that on Saturday I go into my studio... gloved, goggled, hard hat and all and clear out enough space to get to work on a painting that I've promised to Newton Art Center for their annual "Alters and Icons" fund raiser. I found a tube of "Renaissance Gold" that seemed appropriate and will probably factor into my picture. This work will involve clearing several tables... moving ladders, taking items down cellar, filing mail art... and I'm going to have to avoid the distractions of the stuff I rediscover. Essentially, I'll be getting ready to get ready.
A while back a client of mine gave me a pile of catalogues and show announcements. One item was a printed ping pong ball by Damien Hirst as an announcement for a show at Gagosian Gallery in New York. Heart Fine Art, out of Edinburgh, Scotland just emailed a list of Fluxus/Surealist/DADA items that he's trying to flog. He's offering the ping pong ball for £295 !!! I've seen it on eBay... but it never went for that much.
Anyway... I've gotta work on this collaborative collage to return to Greenfield andresearch the format and edition size for Michae's "Floss".
Time to get creative.


Blogger michael said...

Floss is 21 x 15cm and 10 pages of such, on the theme of Fluxus or in the spirit of....
Just like SQUINT really but with a different cover!
Sounds like you mean business Jonothan!
Ahard hat?
I like the sound of the alter peice with lots of gold. Some beutys in the national gallery in Trafalaga Sqaure.
I did a gold painting once when i was a student. Looked pretty good. i gave it too the parents of a girl I was going out with at the time. I wonder if they still have it? i expect it went straight in the bin the moment i left the house!

2:24 AM  
Blogger michael said...

I forgot to say thepages will be nfolded in the middle and stapled so bare that in mind when designing your pages.

2:25 AM  

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