Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Rather Dull...

So yesterday, Michael and I went off to Concord and stained the deck... fairly straight forward. Swept it and started applying the stain (actually it was some kind of Australian Tree Oil). We put it on with a brush... waited a bit and buffed it up with a lambs wool pad. Looked a bit splotchy to start, but evened out in time. The client was in the process of introducing two six month old Labrador Retrievers to the yard... fun to watch, that.
Today, I started out by looking at a painting that has to be crated and shipped to Arizona. More problems than I thought... The painting is 50"x50", meaning the crate will have to have a seam as our plywood/masonite standard is 48" wide. Trying to keep the weight down and the package will be oversize for UPS. Gotta get the specs from FEDEX... might be better. On to work with Michael at a job that Stephen set up while I was gone. Gotta get that done, as I have people waiting.
Sent the image of an old envelope of Ruud's back to him... something from the late 80's I'm guessing. I'll look for more, but it might require taking my room apart.
I read a story that Derek had given me... wanted my thoughts on it. I do have some questions and suggestions about it, but he was previously engaged at the Plough this afternoon.
That's what it looks like from here.


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