Friday, September 17, 2004

Finally Getting Things Done...

So, with my refurbished van... (new front tires, new radiator) I headed out to Beacon, NY at about 6:30 yesterday morning. A rather uneventful 3 1/2 hour drive. Ugly little town... very New York state. Interesting that things can be so different in such a short drive.... in America, anyway. I'm sure that looking at us from afar you think that we're all McDonalds and Wallmart... not really true. I'm sure they were near at hand but this little burg had none of that. A few empty store fronts... and this weird little gallery. The woman that ran the place was a bit of a nutcase. No paper work no packing of the artwork... but she gave me some grief about the way I was putting the work in the van. Sorry, I know what I'm doing and I've been doing it longer than you've been doing whatever you do. I never said that, of course. Loaded it in, got petrol... and headed back. Signs for an easy off, easy on diner intrigued me... better than the stops on the highway. It was. Rough to find decent radio through Connecticut. Back to Cambridge about 3:30, Jim was home so I went and unloaded. And so to the Plough.
Today was all over the map. Installing 9 pieces in a brand new, brilliant house in Brookline... then I go to install 6 pieces at another place nearby. Then it was picking up artwork from an artist and delivering it to the art consultant. Out to Concord to pick up the last of our gear, and collect a check... then I stop by Clark Gallery, in Lincoln, but they didn't have the pieces they want me to take in town (tomorrow, that). Over to Weston to pay the boys and I was on a barstool by 4:30. A good couple of hours with the lads and here I am home...


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