Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Better Here Than on the Mass Pike...

Up and out early to replace the two front tires on the van. Everything is going fine they got the job done quick but after paying, when I went out to get the keys, the guy said, "You're leaking a lot of coolant." Jeepers creepers... over to my regular mechanic, Vinny. Filling the petrol, I tell him about the coolant and ask if we can find the leak... hoping that it's just a clamp that didn't get tightened properly yesterday. Nooo... it's the radiator itself. I'm not driving to Beacon, NY today. I leave the van and walk home. Calls to the gallery and the artist I'm picking up for. A few errands around the neighborhood with Syl. She gave me some money to change into euros... $559=430 euros. So the day wouldn't be a total loss, I headed out to Concord to help the guys finish up. They had the place fairly well in hand and I went to work putting a second coat on a big old pile of stops that will hold the screens in. Lowell and Paul seemed pretty antsy and actually left early, leaving Michael and me with a certain amount of pick up and finishing up. (Queer that, and I'm going to have to say something) We did finish up and Michael left his number so that they can get in touch with him once the carpenters get the decks ready to coat. He's the best team player of the lot... he just can't get to the job early enough. All these guys have ways about them that make me crazy. Every once in a while I think that I should chuck it all and go find a real job , today was one of them. Bought some flowers for Sylvia's birthday on the way home and went to ransom out the van. Off to Beacon, NY early tomorrow... I've gotta try to be there for 10:00... meaning I should leave here by 6:00. Early to bed.


Blogger michael said...

Vehicles are pain arent they. Hope you are able to fix the leak. Weeve been quite lucky with Audrey's car - it hasnt broekn down yet. Fingers crossed! Had a flat tyre once but luckily Mark pawson noticed it and helped change the wheel when he was here for the Gocco printing - a handy chap to have around! Its just had its MOT so should be o.k. for another year.

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