Saturday, October 02, 2004

So, We're back...

After a fairly torturous journey we're back home. The airport in Rome is simply not capable of handling the amount of people they have to process... one and a half hours from check-in to the gate... no stops unless you count the queues that we were in. Once on the plane... (and we were some of the last) we taxied out onto the runway. At this point a couple of people decided that they were too sick to travel and the plane went back to the gate. The people got off, but then they had to find their luggage and get that off... making us finally take off about two hours late. No way we were going to make our connecting flight. We were in row 44... the backest seats. Convenient to the amenities, but we were among the last to get off. I had the window for most of the flight and spent alot of time looking out over Canada once we'd crossed the ocean. In Detroit (where they'd sent us, using the SkyMiles) they actually had things together and after clearing Customs, we were sent to a desk where they'd already put us on another flight to Boston. For whatever reason, they singled us out for the bigger security check... (did we untie our Doc Martens too soon in anticipation of having them X-Rayed) One guy going over our persons with a wand, then a feel up, while someone else was up to their elbows in the dirty laundry (I'd want more than a cheap pair of plastic gloves for that job). On to the flight with both of us knackered with nasty dispositions. And home, finally. Today I did an early artwork delivery... then we were off to bail out the dawg and kat. Their holiday wasn't cheap, either. Maybe I'll write about what we did in Italy later... Syl has all the pics...


Blogger Ruud Janssen said...

Hi Jonathan,

So you made it back. Lately I have been fascinated by bthe BOG's that people keep. It is a kind of digital exhibitionism. Because everybody can have a look in the lives of the people that keep BLOG's. Also compleet strangers, and they can react too.

I hope your trip went fine. Look foreward to see some photos.


7:11 AM  

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