Sunday, October 03, 2004

Home Again..

Back to abnormal, I guess. Hit the ground running on our return... pick up and delivery of a painting yesterday. Picked up a painting today for delivery tomorrow. Took the dawg for a walk. Otherwise, the usual Sunday routine... a walk over to the Plough with my crossword. The only one who'd missed me for the past two weeks was Mitch, the bartender. Not really true... Anyway, I found the churches in Florence more interesting than the museums. The Uffizi has some "must sees" Botticelli's "Venus" of course. But the Fra Angellico's in San Marco take your breath away. Full of tourists... I can't imagine how it's like in the summer. There's still things to see there... maybe in February you'd avoid the crowds.


Blogger michael said...

Florence sounds like a fabulous place. Look forward to seeing the photos. I'm not a big lover of the renaissance but I love old churches and biuldings, bridges etc. cities unspoiled by the march of so-called progress- so few of them left it seems.
Yes, venice in the Summer season must be hell- so glad we went in the Spring.

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