Monday, September 13, 2004

Whoa... Where'd the Weekend Go ???

Monday again and I was making the rounds trying to finish up the loose ends that I'd left last Friday. Hung 10 shelves out in Wayland... still not crazy about the system the manufacturer used... little keyholes in the back that slide down over a screw head. They all wanted to tip forward and if I tried to tighten the screw they wouldn't go on at all. I did warn the client not to put anything heavy on them. Then it was into Boston to finish up this poor ceiling... sanded, primed and painted the patch. Looked OK... and I got out of there.
Yesterday was my normal stop at the Plough with my crossword. Julian came in with the New York Times puzzle and we finished that as well as the Globe.
Saturday was a sort of family birthday party at my folks (a bunch of us have summer birthdays, so they all get bunched together). Normal family gathering. A fairly well adjusted lot, considering...
So... Blogging... Ruud has commented on mine, Keith Bates has commented on Sylvia's... it's getting pretty cozy. Greenfield returned a collage that we're working on... I suggested that we don't use words on this one, since we did all text last project. He took me too literaly and didn't send a note ! The spell checker for this blog is interesting... it doesn't recognise "Blogging"... go figure.


Blogger michael said...

A spellchecker? Where's that? There's sposed to be a menu for fonts and changing the colours too but i cant find it.
Yes, its abit too cosy at times but occasionally you get strangers comments which is nice cos then you can visit their blogs a reciprocate. I do some "blog mining" ocassionally but most are very depressing or written in spanish or japanese!

4:39 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Michael... it's the little ABC icon in the tool bar...

6:29 PM  

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