Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Boring as Hell, I Guess...

Moving art today.... Artwork from Brookline to the South End... then, later on it was artwork for presentation from the South End to State Street. I got there before the art consultant did and all of a sudden a meeting started about the piece. They thought it was too small for the space and were sending me away with it, when the art consultant finally arrived. She said, move this over here... try this pic there... and we were back in business. I still had to take the piece back out... to the framers, I guess. Had to remind the art consultant that I could do the installation. I do hate doing the pain in the arse presentation parts and not getting the rather cushy installation bits. The painting crews seem to be OK. Got an autographed pic of Clint Eastwood that I'd bought on eBay.


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