Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Whew... I Made It...

Started out the day setting up Lowell to fix a ceiling... nightmare, that... the whole skim coat wanted to come down. We opted to do a patch on the area we started with and the client will get a plasterer to put up a new celing. Off to return keys to the previous client and then I'm off to the cape (Cape Cod) to look at two houses.
It was 3:00 and I noticed that the reception for one of my all time favorite clients was 4:00-6:00. Did the estimates and bulleted back to Cambridge, MIT. Arrived in time to spend an hour. These people had a wonderful minimalist collection... truely world class. Dan Flavin, Sol Lewit, Ad Reinhart, Sean Scully, Roni Horn... it just goes on. I've worked with them for close to 20 years, unpacking, repacking, installing and painting the place a number of times. There are stories to be told... worthy of a whole blog. About a year ago they got rid of everything... giving their children first choice and then dividing the rest of the collection between Harvard and MIT. We delivered the art to MIT (Harvard did their own pick up). Me and Paul with my ratty old van driving a Dan Flavin piece, worth at least $50,000, probably more. We painted the place, with color this time... and outlined where some of the pieces had been (Rick did that). Well, I made it... glad of that... I'll miss them.
I knew about half the crowd and I was one of the last to leave. Glad I made it.

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Blogger michael said...

WE're glad you made it too Jonathan! The room looks great but some wag has left a bent peice of wire coat hanger on the wall! the scallys!

5:28 PM  

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