Monday, September 06, 2004

The Long Weekend...

So Saturday was consumed with errands. Had to go to the bank, pay Lowell and use the van to pick up some plywood for him. Nothing more of note, there.
Sunday... more chores around the house, walked the dog. Then I was off to the Plough with my crossword. Went through Harvard Yard on my way and there were freshmen and dorm guides everywhere... as well as a good lot of Japanese people with video cams. Stopped by the Travel book store... but couldn't decide from the many books for Italy, figured that I'd wait for Sylvia. At the Plough, Rev. Richard, (who cleans and preps the place), was there but no sign of Mitch, the bartender. Richard poured me a Guinness and we were soon joined by Mark Thompson. Richard kept us in beer for the hour or so that it took Mitch to get there (on the house, he doesn't have access to the cash register). A slow day, being a holiday weekend and there was no brunch being served. Most of the regulars were at a music festival in Rhode Island. A good time was had and I walked home to arrive just about the same time as Sylvia returned from work. Monday, today... I discovered that people couldn't hear me on my cell phone... it rings, I answer but they can't hear me... I can hear them. If I place the call it seems to work. I doubt that there's any fixing these things... most likely I'll have to buy a new one. Sylvia and I went back to the travel book store and selected a few more volumes. A Malaysian lunch and I was back to the Plough, while she went home. I didn't stay long and once I returned home I tried to purchase train tickets from Rome to Florence on-line, with no success. The only thing that I ca figure out is that I was doing it too late for them. For whatever reason the timings for booking tickets on-line are between 6:30 and 23:30... with the time difference I was just off... try again tomorrow.


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