Sunday, October 10, 2004


Well... I got about halfway through the studio. The chair is sittable, the floor is near cleared... the desk, although worked on, is still covered and impossible to work on. I guess it's been years since I've had such a small room to work in... and during those years I've accumulated a lot of stuff. The dining room table is the preferred place to work on paper pieces these days... (Syl is doing a page for "Floss" there, now). I stuck pretty much to my goal... while doing laundry, a few errands and baking some bread. I swear Sylvia sat at her computer all day long. She eventually got up to make a mushroom soup to go with my oatmeal bread. I did get a bit distracted and worked on the collaborative collage to send back to Greenfield... surprises there. I was covering up the head of Marks underwear model with one of Damien Hirst, as I turned it over to paste it... there was an advert for Bombay Gin with Queen Vicspic which I had used earlier in the collage. Going through the Hirst article (Observer Magazine that I got in Italy) there was a pic of George Clooney... Mark had pasted him in earlier... was a nice time... the collage and mag talking to each other and telling me what to add.


Blogger michael said...

Looking forward to thos FLOSS pages and seeing the Greenfield/Stangroom collabortion at some point.

7:17 AM  

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