Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Rain or Shine...

Yesterday it was raining in the morning... so working out doors (the original plan) was postponed. I made a few early calls and found that we could work in a kitchen and hallwat for Marlene. Marlene takes care of dogs... and where do they stay? In the kitchen, hallway and another room, of course. The best count I could get was nine, yesterday. We started in, scraping patching and priming... all the while stepping over dogs or trying to get them to go in the other room. Paul and Lowell grumbled about the smell... sure it stinks but there's no point in complaining. The dogs are fun to watch... they all seem to be small terrior sorts. It doesn't take long to figure some of the personalities. A couple of them like to sit and watch us, a few ignore us and sleep all the time... every now and then the whole lot decides to come into the kitchen and just stand around. Marlene is a good, repeat client... and she figures that if we can work around her dogs, she can work around our schedule.
So... today was a beautiful day and we went off to the exterior job. This was for my dear friend, Meredyth. Meredyth used to own Clark Gallery and I've worked for her forever...delivering and installing artwork, painting the gallery and her home (unfortunately she's never been able to sell my pictures). She retired from the gallery and went into a more decorating mode. In this new career she's got us even more work decorating for her clients and installing the artwork. I will bend over backwards to get things done for her. So... we scraped, sanded, washed and primed a few areas of her house in anticipation of a greenhouse replacement (the old one has been taken down, new footings and we're painting above where it will be rather than work over the glass, later).
If the weather is good tomorrow, well finish it up... otherwise back to the dogs.


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