Friday, October 15, 2004

Kind of Blew Off Today...

Yesterday we worked outside in the morning. Finish painting. Around noon I went off to hang pictures and a collection of plates. In the meanwhile it started raining and the guys packed up and left the exterior job. I went back around to collect a check. And that was about it.
This morning I got a call from Lowell, saying he wouldn't be working as he was in his studio all night. Makes me crazy, but what can you do? I had to deliver a painting so I was a bit late arriving on the jobsite, (dog house) myself. No sign of Paul, so I called him and he'd given it up complaining of a bad back. Abandoned, I was. Went in, talked to the dogs and gave my apologies. I blew it off, too. Wasn't going to get much done by myself. Did errands, bank and post office. Found the current Modern Painters magazine that I'd been looking for. Tried to find a proper carafe in the charity shops (for a still life I need to paint) no luck, there. Stopped in at the Plough, (the "office" it's sometimes called) where the guys showed up to get some pay.
And here I am...


Blogger Syl said...

Harummmmmph!!! Thought your were
toiling all day!!! And you abandoned
those poor helpless doggies, you

5:26 PM  

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