Sunday, August 15, 2004

Weekend Update...

So... Saturday was consumed by those pesky little chores that one never has time for during the week. Syl had the weekend off... and after I walked the dog, we hopped into her car and went to the stationery store (printer ink), the bank, the off license and Wilson Farms (corn). Lunch at a Mexican place in Davis Square... a walk around and a bit more shopping. Back home, where I lay on the sofa and read for a while. Got a call from Debs (from the UK0 and her AOL friends wanting to get together for the evening, but we weren't going out again... made arrangements to meet for brunch on Sunday. Watched an English video... "It Happened in the Midlands" or something like that. We talked through the first bit of it and never did catch up to the story. I fell asleep while Syl watched another movie... "Osama" (not Bin Ladin).
Sunday and it's time for a bit of cleaning. Hoovering the place filled the bag and tripped the circuit breaker twice. Some laundry. Over to the Plough for brunch, where we were hoping to meet our AOL friends (they called at 3, saying they'd be another hour and a half, so we nixxed that). Some great laughter around the corner with the usual gangof idiots. Julian and I finished both the Times and Globe crosswords. Lincoln came in, looking as bad as ever, Sylvia gave him half of her sandwich, but he could only manage a bite. I think that he's done for. I should send some of his music. So, we're home, slow cooking some ribs on the grill. Oh yeah, Sam came by the Plough in his angel outfit, again... at least the wig and wings... I think that Syl is going to post a picture.
Enough for me...


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