Thursday, August 12, 2004

Another Ho-Hum...

You'd think with all the running around I do there would be more adventure. You'd also think I would be making more money with two painting jobs going and my art delivery. There's something wrong here, but I'll probably never get it sorted out.
Anyway, I started the day in the morning. New job,over in Roslindale, near where I used to live. Living Room and Dining Room,just ceilings and walls, the trim is natural wood. I was on my own to start,the clients are away and the house sitter left a key under the mat. Started moving boxes and furniture... these people are about halfway moved in. The ceiling in the Dining Room needed the most attention and ther was a few scraps of wallpaper left on. Plastic, drop cloths... got the place covered up, Paul and Lowell showed up just in time to start scraping. Three of us got it done in reasonable time. A run to the paint store... Got the van in order...and I was off to Newbury St. to pick up two young ladies and a big painting (if the painting had been one inch bigger, it wouldn't have fit). We delivered the painting to Brookline and then we were off to Cambridge to pick up a sculpture for return to the gallery. This sculpture is an 8 1/2 foot bronze of a nude woman whose feet become long sticks with knots and all... sort of growing out of the earth, but diferent as the branches have been lopped off the sticks... it's bronze, it's heavy. Wrestled it into the van, back to wrestle it into the gallery. As nice as these girls were, they motor-mouthed it all the way, never once including me in the
conversation... just as well. From here it's off to Dover (another English name, no
white cliffs, though) to check on Michael and Stephen. Mike had fixed some doors at the previous job and they were doing fine on this one but looking for a color for a new window. We thought we had one picked and I ran to get it (we were going to swipe it from the previous job). When I got to that job the client was there, having some movers put some sofas in the basement. It was a tight fit and I'll have to touch up. She gave me a final check, which is always nice and I stole the paint anyway... turned out to be the wrong color. Made plans with Michael to help me hang
two big pieces in Lincoln, tomorrow and I was on my way back to Roslindale to help
Lowell and Paul clean up. Whew... If I'm very, very lucky I'll make around $175 for
the day.
Dull, dull, dull... no humor, no adventure... just work.


Blogger michael said...

It doesnt sound dull to me. Now, a really D U L L day is one spent waiting for the gasman to call and phoning the gas compnay to ask where he is several times and waiting and waiting and blogging and waiting etc. they never show! hazel got really angry and gave the the giggly telephonist a peice of her mind. oooh dont mess with a pre-menstral woman!
anyway, evetually he calls full of appologies and promises to be here early tomorrow. we shalll see. we have visitors arriving in the evening so hope its all sorted by then. and it doesnt bloody rain again! now thats a dull day!

6:05 PM  

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