Wednesday, August 04, 2004


So, Flickr finally let me in, wouldn't allow me to post the downloaded pic, here in the blog.... and last night Blogspot wouldn't let me publish my blog after half an hour of typing. I hope I have better luck with that tonight.
Goofy day, this one. Got to the painting job after stopping at the hardware to get some wheels for sliding cupboard doors. Paul says. "Where's Lowell, thought you were supposed to pick him up". Well, I'd forgotten my cell phone and that was not my take on the way things were supposed to go... so we were short a guy. I spent a couple of hours doing detail work, then had to run off and do some art deliveries. I left the place in the good hands of Michael, Stephen and Paul.
The first job was picking up a painting from the restorer (discovered that I'd painted for this woman's mother) and taking it back to the company that owned it and put it back on the wall... simple, that.
The next one got a bit nutty. Four pieces of sculpture to go to two different places. Loaded up and took the first two, literally, around the corner. This was heavy stuff and I had two women travelling with me. They did all the heavy lifting!!! They took the stuff up to the client, while I stayed with the van. Back to the gallery for a second load (and so the girls could pee). Off to Cambridge this time, where we placed one piece successfully in the garden. The other, the heaviest needed a lt of tweaking in side the house. I drove one woman back to the gallery... the other woman had brought her car for a quicker escape. To the pub for me at that point... First to The Field to see Maurice and perhaps Barry, who never showed. Then to the Plough to hang out with Derek and Richard and the rest on the corner.
Is anyone reading this ???


Blogger michael said...

Hi Jonothan, Always interesting to read about your daily doings.

3:25 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Michael... I'm way to literal in my ramblings. I wish I'd had this blog thing when I was in India, 20 years ago... there would have been some comical/exotic storys to tell.

7:48 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Well, yes, foreign holidays and travels are always more interesting than the dull old day to day things . I kept a diary when i lived in france back in the 70's and I found it the other day and read a bit. It was like another world. another life almost!

4:00 PM  

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