Friday, August 13, 2004

More of the Same... With a Twist...

So, I visited four different jobs today.
Started out installing artwork in Lincoln with Michael. Kind of fun, that. A few challenging wall mounted sculptures. We hung about 12 pieces and moved some beds around. It's always a pleasure to work one on one with Mike... and the client was very pleased that we'd do all this odd stuff for her. On to Dover to see how Stephen was doing. He was fine, of course. Cleaned out the bedrooms that were finished and loaded some stuff into the van. Payed them and headed over to Needham to do some touch ups. From there I went to Roslindale, stopping by the bank on the way. Lowell called me on my cell while I was in transit to tell me that they were having trouble with a ceiling. Bits that didn't look like they needed scraping were coming down as they rolled it. Nothing to do but wait until it dries, scrape those areas, patch and repaint. Payed Paul and Lowell. Gave Lowell a ride back to Cambridge and to the Plough for a pint. I was quite surprised to see John Lincoln Wright there. Just out of the hospital and looking like walking death. He's been a mess since his ex-wife died about two months ago. At least he didn't stay long. Derek came in and on learning that Lincoln had been there said that he would have given hima talking to. We agreed that it wouldn't have done any good. I came home.
JuliaChild has died. Peacefully, in her sleep. She was 91. I don't know if theBrits
have heard of her... but she pioneered cooking shows on the telly. She lived in
Cambridge for most of her career and was an institution. Her kitchen has been
installed in the Smithsonian. She had a voice not unlike Hyacinth Buckets and was somewhat casual about her French cooking. We loved her.
Leon Golub died. He was 81. I've always responded to his paintings of wars and victims and violence. I've never understood his practice of painting and then scraping off the paint to achieve his final image. It certainly gives a rawness to the work.
The obituaries are the twist...


Blogger michael said...

Sorry to hear about Julia Child although not known over here. Watch out Jonothan, Syl has links- you're falling behind! Some people have counters but I think they are a little ostentatious!

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