Friday, August 06, 2004

My Birthday

And so it's my birthday... 53, I am.
Nothing special happened.
Stopped at the hardware (iron monger to you Brits) and got a new handset so that nobody would get locked in the loo again. Picked up some other hardware to finish up this job, as well. Spent way too much time looking for the hole saw needed to install the doorknob. When Michael arrived we went through all the tool boxes again... we were convinced that we'd seen it last week, but nothing. I went and bought a new one. I did odds and ends trying to get the place ready for the movers who were to arrive noonish. Got the guys in order, payed them (they actually expect money every week!) and got a few last minute instructions from the client.
Lowell and I headed off to do an estimate and then on to meet Meredyth to reinstall the artwork at the last job we were at. Mayhem, there. We tried to install all of the large pieces but a few needed new hardware. They had us rearranging furniture, moving sculptures around... much too much STUFF for this elegant, modernist house. We finally got let go (I'll still have to go back). Over to the Plough for a quick pint. Kind of a weird crew, there for a Friday after work. Home, to find a wonderful invitation to a "going away" reception for one of my clients. These were some of my favorite clients... world class minimalist collection... Dan Flaven, Sol Lewit, Ad Rienhart, etc. A whole new blog to come about my relationship to these people and their collection.
Anyway... it's my birthday... Syl has got a bag of goodies for me... haven't looked at it yet (although, I know there's a catalog from a Dutch show of H.C.Westermann, Jim Nutt and R. Crumb that I can't wait to see)
G'night, all.


Blogger michael said...

Belated birdbath greetings Jonothan. hope you had a good time and lots of nice pressies etc. 53 eh? you young whipper-snapper! Jim Nutt, was he one of the Nut Artists much lauded by Dave Zack?

3:53 PM  

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