Thursday, August 05, 2004

Another Day Another Dollar

Pretty much the "same old" this morning. Picked up Lowell and arrived at work to find the carpet guys there, as expected. Worked in other areas of the house... the kitchen, the office... a trip to the paint store. Michael didn't show as there was a hint of rain... but it was just as well. Around noon time I ran off to do a couple of estimates. The first woman that I visited dropped her jaw when I quted a price for a hallway and bedroom... I actually thought that the price was quite modest, but I don't think I'll be hearing from her. The second job was out in Sherborn which would be a bit of a hike for us. An exterior, that we're barely equipped to do, although if we do get the job I'll make sure that we have the gear we need. I'll be giving a price of around $12,000 so it may all be moot anyway. Stopped for a quick Chinese lunch, where I lost a big piece of tooth eating a fried wonton. Back to the job, replacing hardware. Locked myself in the bathroom as the handset didn't work properly. Had to have Paul take it apart from outside, to get me out. The guys enjoyed that, offering to slip a magazine under the door, telling me that I should know how to spend time in a locked bathroom and that they'd try to get me out again in the morning. I'll be getting a new lockset tomorrow. A quick stop at the Plough, where the newfound jocularity prevailed. Everyone must be making money or getting lucky. Derek had his son with him, just over today from Hawaii... they looked pretty glad to be seeing each other. More news on John Lincoln Wright... in the hospital for dehydration, malnutrion and possibly a mild heart attack. He HAS been looking like crap the past few weeks. Not allowed visitors yet... scared someone will smuggle him some booze, I suppose. Makes for a full day, doesn't it ?


Blogger michael said...

What's a fried wonton??

3:32 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

A fried wonton, is a wonton (sort of like a ravioli... some sort of dough with a stuffing in it... the chinese version is more loosley wrapped than a ravioli) that's been deep fried. They are also used in soup (not fried) and I think that there might be steamed wontons.

7:41 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Ah yes, the steamed wonton sounds more firmiliar- I think i tried one once at the Wonky Eye in London's Chinatown. Did we ever tAKE you there?

3:56 PM  

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