Monday, August 09, 2004

A "Nothing Special" Monday

I picked up Lowell and we were off to work. The client was there and he gave us a few last minute changes and additions. We startd in on the office, which was the least completed of all the rooms. Lowell painted the walls and I started in on trim. Michal showed up (3 out of 5) and joined me painting trim. Once he was done with the walls in the office, Lowell went up and finished the walls in the Living Room. Around noon Lowell and I headed out to look at an exterior that's a bit of a distance away. We looked it over and collected a bunch of numbers... I'm a bit scared of the job. It's big, we're really not set up for big exteriors and it's far away. The work itself is fairly easy... there's just lots of it. Once September rolls around my art moving and installation will pick up and I'll be less on the job. If we should get the job that we looked at Friday I'll just tell the guy that we can't manage it. So I hope to hear about that soon. Back to work and we finished up the day getting quite a bit done.
A quick stop at the Plough... rather low key this afternoon. Home, to make a few calls about up coming jobs.
Tomorrow evening we'll go out to Essex to see John McNamara, a friend from art school days. He's visiting from California (he teaches art at Berkeley)... should be a good visit. Guess I'll tell you about it next time.


Blogger michael said...

Its funny you mentioning places like Essex and the Plough which sound like very english places to us here. Are there lots of english place names and pubs with names like The Kings head, The Cross keys, The Black swan etc?

5:46 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Michael- The Plough and Stars is really an Irish pub but I've heard there's an Elephant & Castle somewhere near. A lot of the towns have English names, Woburn (where my Dad was born), Cambridge, Plymouth, Worcester, Manchester by the Sea, Bedford, Carlisle, Dunstable... it goes on and on. Heck, we live in Middlesex County!

11:14 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Manchester by the Sea? Is there a Wigan Pier nearby?!

3:45 AM  

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