Sunday, August 08, 2004

And the Weekend Slips Away

Sylvia worked this weekend, on my own, I was.
Did the laundry thing yesterday... made some futile attempts to scrape off some surfaces to make work space. Worked on a long overdue mail piece to Greenfield. Pretty much stayed around the house yesterday. Phone calls to my folks and Rick. I did make the preliminary attempts to get to Italy using my skymiles. So far they have us going from Boston to Newark to Rome... not too bad, but I have at least two weeks to see if they can do better. There are, of course direct flights from Boston to Rome... I just have to catch it when there are frequent flyer seats open. It appears that I've made amends with Graham from London... glad that's over. All due to some nutter in a chat room... not worth writing about yet. His wife, Debs will be arriving in Boston on Wednesday, I'll see her at the airport but probably not much more.
I was up WAY to late on the computer last night, so I had a late start this morning.I cleaned up andheaded out walking to the Plough, crossword puzzle in hand. Was halfway through when Julian came in with the Times and we finished that... we never finished my Globe puzzle. A couple of hours on a bar stool and I walked back home with Tish, who's moved not far from here. Not much to report... been reading and studying my new book.


Blogger michael said...

I got a rare mailing from greenfield yesterday asking me where all the mail ahs got too!? He obvioulsy sin't gettin g the mail i send him or else I imagine I send him mail? perhaps i really am going bonkers in this clammy weather!

3:00 AM  

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