Wednesday, August 11, 2004

So I Missed a Day...

Got in late last night, so I've gotta cram 2 days worth of doing here.
Work yesterday was fairly normal, in that it was insane. Finishing up one job...Micael installing a closet organizer (requiring 2 trips to Home Depot by me), Lowell finishing the trim in the living room, Paul painting a bathroom closet and Stephen touching up and painting the trim in the office. Me...I painted a door, did some touch ups and made sure that everybody had what they needed. At noon I had to go back to Lincoln to install more art work,I put up around 15 pieces and had to change the hardware on a couple. Home for a quick shower and then a drive with Sylvia to Essex, where we met up with John and Diane McNamara and Morgan and Jane Chickering, at Dianes family cottage. Small talk on the porch and we headed out to dinner minus Diane who was a bit ill and stayed behind with the kids. More small talk, discussing each of our art worlds and depressions. I mentioned that we were planning to go to Italy... it turns out that Morgan and Jane had just returned from there. (Sorry, I don't want to hear thier stories or see thier pictures...these people see life different than I do). A nice enough evening, although I had the worst plate of fried clams, ever. Those people can put it away...clean plates and full desserts. Home to find that we were too late to seewho won "Last Comic Standing".
This morning we tweaked up the job andheaded over to another... not too far away. Got Paul and Stephen startedon the new one and went back to help Michael with a few last minute details. Got those out of the way and I took him over to the new job. Sorted thatout and home to change vehicles (my van for Syls car) in order to go to theairport (the van at the airport can cause problems, these days). I was meetingDebs, Grahams wife from London... so I went to the international terminal...that's terminal "E". Well, she'd flown to NY and then Boston (nobody knowswhy) and was at terminal "B". I hiked accross the airport and of courseshe wasn't in sight. Couldn't call her as her cell wasn't working... she'dcalled me from a pay phone. Finally found her... located her ride and waitedwith her... loaded her in. I met, yet another on-line personality (her ride)...kissed them both good-bye and headed off to get a well deserved pint. Home,to write this.
Gawd, it's boring.


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