Sunday, August 01, 2004


Well, the Flickr site gave me a real runaround this weekend... wouldn't work last night and today it wants to tell me that my cookies aren't enabled. There's a double entendre there, I'm sure... I should have got them up and running with the screaming, cursing and testosterone that I was spraying about. But, no go. Found all the places to enable cookies (which weren't disabled in the first place)... but Flicker says they're disabled and Flicker IS the boss... Thus, no pic of me in the comfy chair, yet.
Slow start this morning (it's Sunday, fer crying out loud)... off to get some bird seedas they were complaining... not much here... sparrows mostly, but we do havea few Cardinals and the occaisional Chickadee. Did some paper work for my job tomorrow... same as high school, leave the homework until the last minute.I gathered my crossword puzzle, etc. and walked over to the Plough and Stars,1.62 miles according to my pedometer, 3,580 steps. A familiar group of barflies and misfits doing their best to waste an afternoon. (More on the "Plough"at a later date) Finished about 95% of my Sunday crossword. One sight of note was Sam, a somewhat mentally challenged boulevardier, dressed as an angel... wings and all for no apparent reason. Ya gotta love this place. Walked home with no significant occurances, to wrestle with the computer... There you have it.


Blogger michael said...

WEll, we've been having troublke with Fluckr too if that's any concellation? Is that how you spell it? probabaly not. Ni pics uploaded all of Sunday no matter how I tried.(or was it saturday) anyway, it seems what are cookies anyway besides what you yanks call biscuits?

3:14 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

I think that cookies are some bits of information about sites that you visit that get stored in your computer for some unknown reason. Probably to just cause trouble, as in my situation.
I have to admit that a Flickr guy got back to me... don't know if his info was any good yet...

7:00 PM  

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