Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Short Week

It's a short work week with Thanksgiving and all...
Started with a delivery of stretchers to Emily Evelith (the painter of donuts)... simple task, that. Then on to work with the guys at an old farm house in Milton.
A brilliant house that's been neglected... we're setting it right. It's a bit of an effort and the client was shocked at the initial bill for labor. Mildew everywhere, learned that the place was vacant for two years with no heat... explains that. We're really making the place look right. It's the kind of job I really like... where we can take something that's sort of a wreck and bring it back to it's glory.
Looked at a potential job this morning via Derek... turns out that I have mutual acquaintances with this client. We'll get the job. It's significant and could get us up to Christmas. Lowell goes home to his wife in Toronto on the 12th, Paul thinks he has some other projects...manpower could be an issue. Michael's around and Rick seems hungry...We can do this.
Thanksgiving tomorrow... I'm making the squash. Sylvia works. I'll be over to Mickey's with a good bunch of friends and bring a care package back to Syl.


Blogger michael said...

You must have finished that old farm house in Milton by now. How did it look without the mildew?

3:32 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Michael- That old farmhouse looked fabulous once we were done with it.
Killed the mildew, patched the cracks and really brought the rooms back to thier proper state. The client had picked some REAL colors (a peach in the dining room, yellow for the formal living room and a red for the front room) Always a treat for us, rather than painting white on white all the time.

7:55 PM  

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