Sunday, November 19, 2006

About time

Well, anyone reading this knows that we had a a great time in the UK.
Yes, I was ill for a good part of the trip... I believe that Michael and Hazel were afraid that I was going to die in their front room. Met with Artnaphro, who thinks he walked our legs off (we'd already walked from Marylebone) stayed with the Leigh/Jones lot (Good old friends that we love SO much) then to Cardiff for a walk around with Mord, brilliant, that. On to stay with Big Al and Cheryl, who hosted us brilliantly (being strangers)... I spent half the time in the loo... I'm OK now.
So... I'm on the way to the Plough this morning (as usuall on a a Sunday), nice walk for me. As I head out I notice that there's someone in Sylvia's car. We chased him out... he looked back at me as if I'd wrecked his day. I walked on...spent too much time at the Plough, but the love there is remarkable...


Blogger michael said...

Sorry Ive been neglecting reading your blog Jonathan as it's hard to guess when you'll post anything! Now you seem to have neglected writing it again! Glad you are felling better now. The Summer seems a long time ago now but the Winter is very mild , more like Spring which could confuse a stupid man! I expect Spring will be like Autumn and the Summer will seem a bit like Spring or maybe Winter?

3:29 AM  

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