Monday, January 03, 2005

Ah, It's the New Year and the Parties Over...

I guess we got through the holidays. Back to work, today.
Yesterday, my usual walk over to the Plough... made up for not being out on New Years Eve by buying most of the room a round. Can't really afford that, but some may remember and reciprocate later on.
Today, I started Lowell and Paul on an odd job, trying to scrup out some water stains in natural wood rafters in a loft space. They were also going to paint the sprinkler pipes silver. They were into it and I wasn't, which is why I consigned the job to them. After a few errands I went to Stephen's job and painted for a few hours. My cell phone wasn't working, so off to a phone store to try and sort it out. The mall that I ended up at had about 5 places. I thought it was the battery, but nobody had the proper one. One guy told me that it was a crappy phone and I'd be better off buying a new one than investing in a battery. Did some research, but left without buying a new one. Came home and plugged the old one in and it seems to have taken the charge. I'll muddle along with this if it keeps working. Tomorrow is all art delivery... so I'll need it.
Slowly getting some mail art out. I've always been slow at it, but it seems to get worse.


Blogger michael said...

Downhill to Spring now. very windy here and wet. January is usually very quiet after all the fuss in December.Still trying to find a cheap digital camera in the sales. Will have another look tomorrow.

12:50 PM  

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