Monday, November 29, 2004

Weekend's Over...

Saturday... a little bit of Christmas shopping. Tried to cash a check from a client, but there's still not enough money there. Took a few photos for the Stencil project from Ireland. Home by noon. Walked the dawg. Worked on my collage to Greenfield... just about ready to send. Stuffing other envelopes... nothing much.
Sunday was a nice walk over to the Plough... did the crosswords with Julian... the walk home was in the rain but I was prepared with a poncho and piece of crap umbrella that we'd bought in Italy. Again, nothing special.
Today Lowell and I started a new job. Prepped this office for an English woman who's a professor of theology at Harvard. An old client that have a few eccentricities. She and her husband have the most beautiful but minute way of writing. (He's some kind of old fashioned printing guy... also at Harvard) I swear that the notes that they leave for me are writtin with script that is only 3 mm high. We'll be priming and painting tomorrow.


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