Wednesday, December 08, 2004

It Went Like This...

I bundled up my paintings... I wasn't sure which ones Helen wanted for the presentation, so I took 9 that seemed to work together, figuring that she could take what she wanted and I'd hang on to the rest. She decided to present them all. I loaded up the van with all the other work that she had and drove it out to the site. I met up with Helen and Michele at the loading dock and emptied it all out... They took care of things from here. I went off to do several other jobs, including delivering some bicycles for a "Bikes not Bombs" project... I also cleaned and reinstalled hardware at the last painting job. A pint at the Plough and home. I hadn't been home long when Helen called, telling me that they were keeping 8 of the 9 paintings !!!
She got the prices from me and asked for a 10% discount... you think that I'm going to say "no" ? So far, all of this has been done with no paperwork, whatever. Helen tells me that I'll have to send an invoice but she has to send me the form. Pretty good, that. Good timing, too... as painting jobs are scarce just before the holidays.
Tuesday I had to pick up a painting on my way to gather the work that Helen hadn't sold. Loaded all that up and took it back to her office. From here it was some Christmas shopping and other errands.
Today was another day of delivery and installation. Started out by picking up some stretchers and delivering them, along with a painting that was being returned to the artist. Conley, made me come up to his studio to see his newest Indian inspired paintings. Great stuff... animals that he's stolen from Mughal miniatures. He also gifted me with a nice ceramic bowl made by one of his friends... a Christmas gift, I guess. On to Fenway Studios (the first purpose built studio building in the country) to pick up a piece that was going to an art consultants storage facility. I had a little down time and did errands on Charles Street... including checking out a small exhibit of Conley's Japanese inspired paintings. Out to Lincoln to reinstall and fix a warped painting. Then on to Weston to deliver and install a two part abstract piece that was to be simply hung on nails (not my favorite way)... I had to find the studs in the wall and the stud finder that I'd just bought was off by about an inch or so. Made two or three extra holes... but the picture covers them... Isn't that what pictures are for ? To cover the holes in the wall ???


Blogger michael said...

Or nasty stains! Sounds like a good day. Good luck with the paintings. Sounds promising. Dropping bicycles on people? I suppose its better than bombs.

3:17 AM  
Blogger swapatorium said...

Congrats on your paintings!

10:50 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Thank you... still haven't seen any paper work !!!
Not really worried, as I'll be installing the whole lot.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to hear about your paintings
-Brother Jim

9:06 AM  

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