Monday, November 22, 2004

Hanging Pictures...

It looks like my primary occupation this week will be installing artwork.
Started out today by taking the van back to the shop... some other fluid was leaking. It didn't look like coolant this time. Turns out that some hose with transmission fluid had come a bit loose. Probably knocked a bit during the radiator replacement, but no one is admitting to that. Doesn't matter as they let me go for free again. Heck, they should name thier boat after me with all the money I've given them for other repairs.
So, I went to see one client who really had no idea where she wanted things hung. She moved to a smaller house and had a big old pile of pictures. (I should really charge more when the client wants ME to decide where things should go). We sorted out the better pieces, that were more appropriate for the public areas... living room, dining room, etc. Reserving the more personal and intimate pieces for bedrooms and hallways upstairs. I hung most of our decisions for the ground floor, 16-18 pieces. The client had a meeting and I had another appointment, so I'll go back on Friday.
The next client had about 8 pieces that she pretty well knew where she wanted them placed. (she needed some reinforcement) That was fairly simple and I was out of there in an hour. Also gave an estimate for painting the master bedroom.
To the Plough for a pint with a very jocular group around the corner of the bar.
And home...


Blogger swapatorium said...

You definitely should charge more if you have to design the room. That extra could help you pay for your ailing van.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Yeah. You could actually start a new blog called Jonathan's Van.

Mind you, it would probably keep breaking down. So best not.

6:14 AM  

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