Tuesday, December 14, 2004

So This Is What Cell Phones Are For...

Friday I ended up with a job picking up and delivering some "area rugs". One of these "area rugs" turned out to be 9'x12', big enough to carpet a complete room in most peoples houses. Upon delivery I learned that I was to be part of a team that would rearrange the furniture and install the rugs. Carpenters, a security alarm guy, the woman of the house and myself spent about an hour and a half placing these things. Moving chairs, tables, etc. from all over this very large house... testing distances from the couch to the coffee table, lining things up and when all were satisfied we put the knick knacks back in place.
Saturday, as I was doing some errands and Christmas shopping when I got a call on my cell. A gallery on Newbury Street wondered if I could possibly pick up and deliver a painting. I balked at first as I kind of had a plan for the day. a few minutes later I realised that I had an empty van and who can't use a few extra bucks this time of year... so I called back, hopped in the van and did the job. Phoned ahead as I was nearing the gallery and Jeremy came down with the picture... I double parked and we loaded it in just before the meter maid could give us a hard time. I had the piece delivered to the client within an hour of the original call. I hope that someone took note of that. Turned out that it was to a residence that I'd installed a few pieces in a week or so earlier. (hadn't met the people, working with a decorator).
Sunday was the same as always.
Started a small job with Paul for a lady down the street, on Monday. Had Lowell and Paul finish it today, while I went to work on something for Stephen. Some of these guys are going to be on thier own as the painting work slows down. I'm doing my best to find them something to do.


Blogger michael said...

We should treat ouselves to a new rug as our old one we bought when Archie was a baby to crawl around on so it has lots of nice memories with it and looking very threadbare now too! We could put it out to graze under the bed.
Archie wanted a cell phone for Xmas but now has changed his mind( every five minutes!) and wants a digital radio for his room. He's starting to take an interest in the pop charts. I keep lendinghim CD's to try and widen his view of the music scene but he tends to like the dance and hip-hop stuff unfortunately. O dear, teenage rebellion looming!

3:47 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Laughing, thinking of Michael confronting
himself as he remembers HIS teen years...
we were all frightful most likely, if fairly
innocent...these days you may be in for a
roller-coaster ride with Archie, but it's
only natural. OMG...hip-hop! Shall I wear
a black armband for now?! As you said, his
tastes change rapidly...who knows!

5:55 PM  

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