Friday, November 26, 2004

The Past Few Days...

Tuesday, I started Lowell and Paul on a a painting job... a couple of water damaged ceilings. From there I went to Cambridge to hang yet more pictures... about 25 this time. The woman had just had her place renovated and wanted to change the arrangement a bit. Fairly straight ahead.
Wednesday, I went to do an estimate for a painting job that won't happen until June!!!
Then on to paint a wall for a favorite client. She was out of town, but I have the key and the alarm code. Stopped in at the Plough, nothing special to report.
Thursday was Thanksgiving... Sylvia had to work and I spent a lot of time cleaning up the joint. Walked the dawg, washed the kitchen floor, a couple of loads of laundry... tried to find the surface of the dining room table. In the process I got distracted, working on a collaborative collage that I'm doing with Greenfield. Went out to photograph some stenciled street art for a project by Fan Mail. When I got back Syl was home! They'd let her off early... cool. More cleaning and all. I cooked some duck legs with vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner... thank you, duck.
Today, was out to pick up the gear from where the guys had painted the ceilings. The stuff had been put in the garage. Hit the button, opened the door, no problem. Loaded up the van. When I hit the button to close the door there was a big bang... One of the cables that holds a big spring for the door had snapped. Good thing I was out of the way, if I'd been hit by it I'd be a gonner. Tried to cash the check they'd left me but there wasn't enough money in their account. Back to hang more pictures at the place I'd been on Monday... (I've gone through $60 worth of picture hooks this week) On to the Plough, where they were putting up the Christmas lights. And home to this and the weekend... ahhh...


Blogger michael said...

That reminds me- i have a stencil for fan mail- ill have to find it and send it. I'll have to check out his website for address etc.
You sound busy Jonathan. Weve just been to a bootsale-two infact! Almost unheard of this time of year! Some brave souls out with their fesative wares.

6:47 AM  

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