Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mid Week...

Yesterday, more painting in the morning, with Lowell. In the afternoon I was hanging pictures again. Working with Meredyth, for this therapist couple who need some serious therapy. Rearranged a handful of pictures that I'd hung a week or so ago. Installed some new stuff. Everything is going fine untill we get to the last bit of wall... Meredyth and Mr. Therapist have a plan to put a little collection of black and white prints on it... made sense to me. Poussin as you come out of the dining room, flanked by Reginald Marsh, Rafael Soyer, other 30's prints (pretty good stuff). Mrs. Therapist was getting tired again and didn't like the plan. Abort that mission. Meredyth, wisely realises that this session is done for and we adjust a few things in the living room, while Mrs. Therapist gets ready for her next client. While Mr. Therapist and Meredyth are trying to place something in his office... Mrs. Therapist tells me that having all this artwork around scares her. As we leave, Meredyth says, "she's 50 something and she's tired? I'm 70 and there's lots of work to do here!"
Me... I just do what I'm told.
Today was a big day of moving and making sure that things were under control. Started out picking up artwork from an artist, then picking up from the Museum School... out to check on the painting job and deliver some supplies. On to rent a truck. Delivered the artists work to an art consultant, picked up a whole exhibition from a gallery and delivered that to the appropriate artist (getting drenched in the process). From here, I returned the truck and went to see a REAL nutcase client who had just (thankfully) sold her house and wanted me to do an inapproprite patch job in a water damaged ceiling. No go, there. She did get me to take away some old paint... and I yelled at her as she was adding items to the pile that she wanted me to take away. Scared her, I guess... I don't often do that, but she was going way over the top. My compensation for this was a few, dirty old frames and one of her worst artworks. Thankfully, some other guy arrived with some other business and I could escape. Delivered the piece that I'd got at the Museum School and went to help Lowell clean up.
To the Plough for a much needed pint and home.
Tomorrow you get pictures...


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