Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Where'd That Go ???

I could have sworn that I posted a small blog on Sunday... well, I can't find it.
Wrote about snow (4 inches), Plough (the usual), finding 51ยข (good day) and that was about it.
Just a couple of average days at work, since then. One interesting note is I've heard that an art consultant is interested in presenting some of my paintings to a client that buys a lot of art. I haven't heard from her directly, but was told this by another artist who's work I will be transporting to this project. I've worked with here before... moving and installing artwork. That worked out fine. She asked me to send her slides and unlike my usual laziness, I did. Looks like it might have paid off. Keeping my fingers crossed for the moment. Selling art instead of putting it in the post... the silly things we do.


Blogger scrapatorium said...

Good luck Jonathan! Hope you sell loads.

3:51 PM  

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