Monday, November 08, 2004

About Time I Posted Another Blog...

Been a bit busy getting this painting finished for the Newton Art Center benefit thing. Seems like the only time I make a painting these days is when I'm asked for one. On that note, I received an invitation today, to make a painting for a show in Wisconsin. The theme is "Magnificent Extravagence: Artists and Opulence". Dunno what I'm going to do about that... I do tend to paint in an obsessive manner, though.
Work has been fairly straightforward... I've been putting in full days, rather than running around to other projects. Trying to light a fire under the guys as I think that they do produce more if I'm there working away. I'm getting a bit nrevous on the price I quoted for this one so I've gotta get us to hammer it out.
Saturday I took Syl to a library book sale that I'd seen a sign for... collecting her collage materials. She came out with a good armfull... a few that I'll try to read before she takes the knife to them.
Sunday... the usual walk to the Plough (found 7ยข). Fumbling with the crossword, about 3/4 through, when Julian came in and we finished it. Walked home via the art supply store to get some gold paint for the frame of the Newton Art Center piece. Worked on the painting.
Today was another day of painting trim...home to fine tune the picture (it's due tomorrow). We're trying to get a decent photo of it to add to the blog... Syl does all that. Fighting the glare of the flash and distorted colors. She's good... it'll be close to the painting.


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