Monday, October 25, 2004

The Weekend...

Saturday Syl wanted to go looking for collage material... she thought of the antique/junk shops up in Essex, so off we went. Cruised past a few yard sales that didn't look like much. Had a big old seafood lunch a Woodman's Then slogged through a couple of dusty shops where Syl found some of what she was looking for. Stopped by a wine store that was having a sale on the way home... I had to convince the cashier that port was in fact wine and deserved the 20% discount. The Red Sox won.
Sunday... my normal walk over to the Plough... Julian and I finished up both crosswords. I stayed way too long and ended up taking a cab home. The Red Sox won again.
Today was pretty low key. I started out visiting Marlene and tried to touch up a few things... dogs all over the place. I then went to meet Paul in Weston to sand a put a first coat of paint on two dressers. One pint at the Plough and I was home to sort through some photographs looking for pictures of Bern Porter for a Commemorative Issue of something. I'd just learned that he'd passed away... by chasing links via floberlob. I did find a couple that might be useful... as well as some photos of stenciled stuff to send to Fan Mail. Received my swap from Swapatorium... good stuff and a great crossed out sort of recycled letter. And on we go...


Blogger michael said...

Sad about bern porter. He'd been ill for a while it seems. Just heard that John Peel the radio DJ died of heart attack in Peru whilst on working holiday with his wife. I grew up listenin g to him and his great choice of music. End of an era.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Well Bern had a good run... 93 years.
I only met him the once... when Peter & Angela
were delivering the mail.
I only learned of John Peel from the obits on BBC...
but I guess we all owe him a debt of thanks for the music he promoted.

7:08 PM  
Blogger michael said...

93 eh? I didnt realise he was that old. John Peel was only 65 and by comparison that seems quite young I guess - nearly 30 years difference - a lifetime for some people!

10:16 AM  

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