Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Today We Spray...

A bit of a late start as Paul was getting his car inspected.
Over to Home Depot, where we rented an airless paint sprayer. Out to Concord where Michael and Paul started masking off the trim around the lattice work that was going to be sprayed. Me to the paint store for primer and paint. Stephen had arrived by the time I got back. He helped Michael finish up the masking while Paul set up the rig. The carpenters were there installing the ceilings but we were able to keep out of each others way. Once it was up and running we had the lattice work primed in no time. I got the job of crawling under the porch to put cardboard down to keep the overspray off of the gravel. Lunch and then I started painting the fascia boards so that they would be done before the gutters went up. After cleaning the primer out of the sprayer, Paul commenced with the finish coat. It went on a little heavy and had to be brushed out in spots. Stephen and Michael took over the facia work while I followed Paul and once again crawled under to move the cardboard. Pretty efficient, it was. Cleaned up the rig just in time to load it back in the van... Paul and I had to run over to Peggy Boyers to do some emergency art installation. Just three pieces, but she hadn't been able to handle them. She gave me some homegrown tomatoes... always a treat. Returned the sprayer and went home to cart out the trash and type out some bills... A reasonably successful day. (the lattice will have to be touched up a little)


Blogger michael said...

mmmmm. Homegrown tomatoes. Weve had a few but not what you'd call a bumper crop as the weather has been so appalling! Also lots of toms from hazel's Mom and sisters veg. patch.

2:23 AM  

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