Friday, September 03, 2004

Friday Finishing...

So... Lowell and I were trying to finish up the job in the Back Bay... almost made it.
We spent the morning cleaning up and getting things in order to take out to the van. A bit of last minute prep for the trim we still needed to second coat. Then Pat (the client) asked if we could rehang the two big pieces that were going back on the long wall in the hallway. If I'd known that they were going back I would have marked where the hangers were. I'd originally hung them there 20 years ago... but I was younger, then and not wearing the bifocals. Two 51 inch pictures, one above the other in a stairway. Moving a ladder around, trying not to damage our newly painted walls... the problem with the bifocals is that the reading bit is at the bottom of the lens. So... when you're on a ladder and try to look down you're out of focus... if you try to look up to plot the hooks, you're looking throught the distance part, again out of focus. Twisting your head around to find the "sweet spot"on the lenses, while you're on a ladder with tools in both hands gets a little hairy. We got it done... they needed a little tweaking to accomodate the irregularities of the architecture. Lunch and then back to finish painting the trim, (almost... there's still a bit of work on the risers). Pat gave me a check, but she dated it wrong and I'll have to deal with that tomorrow. Meanwhile, the crew out in Concord got payed and I'd asked Stephen to sort that out for me... it appears that he had to reinstall some math skills to complete that task. I saw Paul at the Plough and he explained how it all went... everything is fine. Ahhh... the long weekend.
Tomorrow, we'll talk about the college arrivals in Boston.


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