Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Sometimes it's Simpler Than I Think...

Everybody crapped out on me today, but Stephen. Actually, that's not true... Paul was locked out of the Roslindale job... the key wasn't left. I hope I have that sorted out. I went out to Concord to look at a new porch that we're to paint. Looks good and there's a bit of work there. Deb, the client, walked me through it and we'll start either Friday or Monday. Would like the carpenters to get out of the way... but there are some things that should be painted before they continue. Deb then sent me over to Meena's... she needs the exterior painted. Mostly its a simple job, but there's one side with a solarium that's going to be a rigging challenge. Great to see her... just back from 5 weeks in Gujarat. From there, since Lowell didn't want to do it... I went to Wellesley to repaint some base boards that the floor sander had marked up. Talked to Stephen, who was heroically sanding a few bits of floor (that's not really what we do). That's about it... fairly simple today. I thought it was going to be a lot worse. Stopped in at the Plough... nothing earth shattering, there. Lincoln is looking a little better. Home to a pile of phone calls. Spent an hour trying to get a better flight to Italy (using Skymiles). No luck... our return flight is Rome, Detroit, Boston...seems kind of dumb, but the flights will essentially be free.
Enough for now.


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