Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Looks Like We're Going to Italy...

Today Paul and I painted Clark Gallery out in Lincoln. Pretty simple, that. I think that I've painted that place at least a dozen times. Jennifer, the assistant director is leaving for the DeCordova Museum... sounds likea good move. Saw Pam, the director/owner and we worked out a deal where I'll deduct the cost of the piece that I bought from the last show from the price of painting the place.
Arrived home to find that Sylvia has found and booked our hotel rooms for Florence and Rome. I guess that we're going to Italy. On my way home I looked at some painting that John Moses wants done in anticipation of his new greenhouse. When I told him we were going to Italy, he said that I should get in touch with his daughter who has done a number of teaching gigs over there. (Great idea, I hadn't thought of it.) He said she might have some recommendations about how not to get ripped off by cab drivers and the like. I WILL give her a call.


Blogger Syl said...

Well, my Darling, we may know little of Italy, but between your friends & art contacts who have visited there, we will have more than enough info to find the deals, make our way around to the best places, and avoid the tourist traps. Sounds ok to me, Mister!

9:30 PM  
Blogger michael said...

HI, can reccomend a series of travel books in the LONELY PLANET pubs. if you get them there? We had the one for venice and found it very useful. they have a website too. its quite small so fits into your pocket or bag- very handy and has good maps.

4:55 PM  

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