Monday, August 23, 2004

A Few Days Off from the Blog...

I took a little break from blogging... but back again.
Thursday, I ran around to sort out several different jobs... one more coat on a piece of floor in Dover and pick up the tools. To the South End to install some doorknobs in one place and a toilet paper cabinet in another. To Roslindale to pick up the stuff... van FULL of tools, ladders and drop cloths.
Friday, Lowell, Stephen and I started a new job in Back Bay... scraping, patching,the usual prep. Nice to work all day on one job for a change.
Saturday was the usual errands, not much of anything, really.
Sometime along the way, I got our tickets to Italy sorted out. Not perfect but since it's "Frequent Flyer Miles" we have to take what they have. Boston, Newark,Rome and then Rome, Detroit!, Boston. I did find a better route TO Florence,but they couldn't get us home without changing airports in New York... I just didn't see this at the end of our trip.
Sunday was the Plough with my crossword. Richard Buckners birthday (we decided that we knew what his folks did after Thanksgiving dinner, 9 months earlier). Lincoln came inbut was trembling so bad that he got put in an ambulance... he's given up,I fear.
I stayed longer than I should have, but had a nice walk home.
Today,it was back to Back Bay... finishing patches, sanding... getting ready to prime and paint. Simple, really. Briefly to the Plough... nothing special there today...


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