Thursday, August 26, 2004

Not Much Interesting Going on Here...

Just two days of painting... fairly straight ahead stuff. A little art moving this morning... returning someones work from a gallery. Otherwise it's been cut and roll and paint some trim (glossy work, I think it's called). Most afternoons there's a quick stop in at the Plough ("The Office" we sometimes call it)... I can usually find my wayward crew members there and find out what they've been up to. I promise that I'm going to do a detailed blog about this special place soon. Still composing it in my head.


Blogger michael said...

Yes, would like to hear more about the plough and it's patrons- they sound like a motley bunch! Not much going on here today- hardly worth the blog. I found some good sites about collage and added them to my links. Have been playing Draughts (checkers) with Archie. He's not very good yet so i always win but he's slowly foguring out you have to think two or three moves ahead.I"m sure he'll be winning soon.

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